"Working with The Primacy Firm has been a joy.Their talent combined with their professionalism made the task of creating videos for my company stress-free.   I applaud them in their efforts to accommodate all my wishes.  I am very satisfied with the product and their ability to stay on schedule and in budget.  I recommend The Primacy firm for those who are looking for a professional video to use  to expand their business."


                                               (CEO)Patrick Konopelski


"I want to thank The Primacy Firm for the great work and service they provided for my family and myself. They take pride in there work and are fair and punctual with what they say and charge for there services. My wedding will forever be cherished and its all because of this firm. thank you guys so much."

                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Garcia


(left)Jorge Gomez (right) Jorge Malave-Dejesus


Muhlenberg middle school was a beautiful experience. Given the opportunity to inspire and motivate is another reason why THE PRIMACY FIRM is excelling at an alarming rate. 

An evolving generation that is only evolving at an alarming rate as the seconds go by, falling behind isn't an option. We embrace technology by making use of the advantages that they offer. Social media is the new and The Primacy Firm is the beginning of what is to come for you. 

Yes, we offer DRONE WORK!

Promo Clips

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Nothing is ever to difficult nor is anything ever impossible to master. With many field(s) and to be known as versatile isn't a choice that one can consider but to seek and master what many would rather give up on we do not accept failure in a task that is looked as a complex one. To create an acceptable vision in every aspect is prominent @ The Primacy Firm.

Check out the youtube channel below for some great motivational clip from Jorge Malave-Dejesus.


A strategically formulated formula has been implemented in the core foundation to only bring the manifestation of the greatest success ever designed by many and used by only those who have been humbled enough to accept all the golden gems that have been thwarted in our direction, Which will only bring those set forth who are divine enough to carry on the entity that carefully crafted to almost perfection with the potency to prevail and conquer anyone's biggest and most  powerful desires and convert them into an existing reality.


Our work only matters if the results are clear and reach and meet all of our clients expectations first and foremost. Ethics along with a lot of footwork with the highest standers of quality and quantity of work is a major component in all that we aim to accomplish and instill in all of our dedicated team members.



The primacy firm's expansion was under projected, today with immaculate results in out growth we now offer more services throughout the region.


Keep Working

With access to all the hottest spots in any area our work is always guaranteed.


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Talk about there genuine hospitality ,for those who never visited South Carolina its a trip that is well worth the time.


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