Theron Cook (painter)

Children hospital visit


Showing love and support to those who could use it the most is part of the mission THE PRIMACY FIRM finds themselves. Our work does not stop with music. Building strong relations and giving back is part of the brand all in itself.

This man can paint! Point blank period check out his promo clip.Flow Tv did his thing!

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Jorge Gomez (videographer)

When great minds link together with one major purpose the unthinkable manages to take place. Being one of the most self driven men on the team. Jorge Gomez aka Jaygo is FLOW TELEVISION, he is one of the greatest . Being the co-owner of The Primacy Firm we are on the biggest mission which is to take over...

We dont compete, We take over!

Apple Dumpling Festival

Assisting all the heavy hitters in the industry the name is very difficult to go unnoticed we are making noise in every situation that is presented to THE PRIMACY FIRM. We will place you in those situations you only dream about. Why dream when that dream we take it and turn it into a reality.