Kono Nation

With an amazing voice this young woman is destined to thrive in her career. It is a journey that The Primacy Firm has the privilege in assisting her. Watch how Flow Television takes this work of art and take the visuals to another level amplifying the creatness of the work.

Devil Bar Bill

Eric Wilkinson aka "BILL COLLECTOR' is taking the rap battles to another level.Dominating every artist that is put in front of him. when the passion is that strong you own that path your on! Surround yourself around those who are making or want to make an impact and you to will make impactful decisions.

(right) Morgan konopelski

(left) Bill Collector

Author Jorge Malave-Dejeus

Self publishing was never a service the company intended to offer. Once the CEO of the company decided to finally self publish his novel , he and his partner decided to run with the idea. We are expanding at an alarming rate and the journey is only getting bigger so that The Primacy Firm can offer more top quality work for all of out clients.

The Real Rick Ross

Being involves with those who want to really work and are serious about getting things done is what we strive for!

(right)Freeway "The Real Rick Ross"

Father and son Barbershop clip

When it comes to our work ethic and services there isnt anything that The Primacy Firm can not do. If you have a clear vision of what you want done, than that's as easy it gets lets work! Flow television is a master at his craft just like the rest of the staff on the firm.

(left) hollywood pompeii (right)Blaze Carter

Known as the real king of Miami and one of the most respected. Blaze carter is the definition of REAL trend setter and an idol to be looked up to for all that he does, not only for his loves one but for the world in itself. This man is on a mission one that can not be revealed at the moment but be sure to pay close attention to what is about to occur. THE PRIMACY FIRM will do all in its power to help those with great vision as this idol. Big salute to the whole #BOOM squad keep it up!!!