Building Strong Alliances!!

The Primacy Firm is also providing great services James Harner Realtor Group in provided professions promo clips, captured by no other than Flow television. We are happy to say that we have broken into the realtor world!


(right)Realator James Harner

'To build and be a major participant in our city with highly respected individuals. We all share a strong purpose in making the community better place,by joining the mayor of READING PA along with many more THE PRIMACY FIRM will highlight all imapactful events being held locally.


(left)Jorge gomez (middle)Eddie Moran (right) Jorge Malave-DeJesus

Paying visit to the childrens hospital

Showing love and support to those who could use it the most is part of the mission THE PRIMACY FIRM finds themselves. Our work does not stop with music building strong relations and giving back is part of the brand all in itself.


It was a great celebration for the inauguration of the new mayor in the city of Reading Pa. The Primacy Firm was proud to be a key component in capturing this beautiful event. Flow television always supersedes everyone expectations and lets not forget to mention That the President of the Double Tree Craig Poole is highly respected but the amount of hospitality he offers is impeccable.

President of Double Tree

(Middle) Craig Poole

Bet Hip Hop Award Founder

Strive for greatness and greatness will come. The Primacy Firm is assisting founder of the hip hop awards with his major move with his up and coming artist. Believe in what you do and you will see the rest will follow.

(right)Jimmy Da Saint


The primacy firm's expansion was under projected, today with immaculate results in out growth we now offer more services throughout the region.


Keep Working

With access to all the hottest spots in any area our work is always guaranteed.


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Talk about there genuine hospitality ,for those who never visited South Carolina its a trip that is well worth the time.


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